I was charged with an 83/55 in Richmond, while driving through a speed trap on the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. There are a huge numbers of lawyers to choose from and I really did my due diligence. Samantha was personable, responsive, sympathetic and professional throughout. She carefully led me through the process and was able to have my case dismissed. I highly recommend Samantha Upton.

I contacted Samantha Upton because I received a reckless driving ticket. Ms. Upton took the time to listen, and thoroughly explained the process to me and what I needed to do. She was great to work with and very responsive to my follow up questions. My ticket was dismissed and I am extremely pleased with the results. I highly recommend Samantha Upton.

I contacted Samantha Upton because I got two speeding tickets in under two weeks, with one of those tickets being a Reckless Driving ticket. I have always stayed out of trouble and have never even stepped foot in a courtroom; so I was very concerned about the negative impact these tickets would have on my Drivers License, my car insurance costs, as well as the fact that Reckless Driving is a misdemeanor in Virginia.

I contacted Samantha Upton, had a consultation, and subsequently hired her. She went to court for me on both tickets; got my Reckless Driving reduced to a lesser non-moving citation, and got my other ticket dismissed once I attended a DMV approved Driving School course.

I could not be more pleased with the service I got from Samantha Upton! She saved me from having my license possibly suspended, having a misdemeanor on my record, and thousands and thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance costs.

You’d be remiss not to hire Samantha Upton to handle any of your traffic related legal needs. I cant recommend her enough!

Samantha was very well informed and very thorough when she described the process to me. She was easy to work with and shared a few options for me to pursue. In the end the charges were reduced and I was very please with the results.

Samantha took the worry and fear out my court appearance. After receiving my first reckless driving I found Samantha and am very glad I did. Samantha went to work for me, directed me to a few classes I needed to take, appeared at court in my place, and negotiated with prosecution to where I had no points and a very reasonable fine. I highly recommend Samantha in defending anyone in a court of law.

Samantha did a great job representing my case and letting me know up front what my odds were of getting the reckless driving charge against me either dismissed or reduced.

She was very knowledgeable about the Fredericksburg/Stafford area court system (DA’s, Judges, Troopers and judicial system) despite being located in Richmond, VA. She personally knew the ticketing officer and was able to negotiate a lesser charge (moving violation) with no points accrued on my driving record and $85 in court fees.

I will definitely recommend Samantha and her team to represent anyone I may come across with legal issues.

Thank You Samantha!!!

This was my first time dealing with a traffic ticket. Ms. Upton walked me through every step and ended up getting it reduced so that I did not get any points on my license. Highly recommended.

I received a speeding ticket for driving 90 in a 65 in Virginia. In Virginia, you can be charged for Reckless Driving if you’re going 80 or over. I had an expired registration, expired inspection sticker and had lived in Maryland for over a year without getting a MD license.

I reached out to Samantha Upton for help and she did a fantastic job! Once I provided all the necessary documentation and fixed all the issues with my car, she went to court on my behalf and knocked it out of the park! She was able to get the Reckless Driving charge completely dismissed. The only thing I have to do is pay court costs and take an 8 hour online driving course.

All of this was for a very reasonable price. I am extremely satisfied with Samantha’s performance and I’ll be recommending her to all of my friends in the future.

Ms. Upton was outstanding in assisting with my reckless driving by speed charge. From when I first spoke with her during the free consultation she was very confident and helped to ease my mind about the situation. After hiring her as my attorney we had fast and clear communication through telephone and emails. I am from Florida, did not have to appear in court, and she able to get my ticket reduced to a non moving equipment violation. Ms. Upton clearly takes her profession very serious and I would highly recommend her legal services.

My godson who is in the Navy had a traffic citation and I located Samantha on the internet. I compared her fees to other attorneys in the area, and although she was a little more expensive, I got a great feeling about her knowledge and expertise via the phone. And I am glad I hired her. She is great and I highly recommend her.

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