Samantha helped me tremendously. I was looking around for lawyers, when I found her name. I decided to give her a chance. I’m glad I did. I would definitely hire her again if I need to. I hired her to investigate my case and she handled everything quickly and professionally. I will definitely recommend her to family, relatives, and friends.

Samantha was successful in delivering on the outcome we worked towards. She was specific about what needed to be done to put us in the most likely position to receive that result and worked with me throughout the process to make it happen. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support on a range of traffic citations in Virginia. As someone unfamiliar with the laws of this particular state’s highways, she provided me with key information that I otherwise would have spent a significant amount of time looking into on my own. Samantha is also extremely professional, easy to work with, and a genuinely kind person.

I would definitely recommend Upton Law, PLLC. Always answered when I called if not I would here from her that evening. Ms. Upton was so awesome I was sick and went to the hospital so I missed my Henrico court date. My #1 LAWYER reach out to me to let me know I had a warrant out for my arrest. She made it her business, mind you that she didn’t represent me in Henrico but she went to Henrico spoke with the Judge and called me and told me to stop stressing and feel better everything was taken care off!!!! I don’t have any plans on getting involved with the legal system ever again but if I do I would send my last dime to hire Ms. Upton.

Ms. Upton went above and beyond my expectations in her representation of me for what started as a simple traffic ticket before the pandemic turned it into a logistical nightmare. She helped me seamlessly navigate the entire process, from the initial court appearance to finding an accredited driving school and the shifting deadlines/submission methods related to shelter in place orders. While she could have just let me know the outcome and sent me in my way, she repeatedly followed up with the court and kept me well advised on the fluid administrative situation. High praise all around!

I was pulled over in March by a Virginia state trooper and ticketed. I researched online for my best option and I chose Samantha Upton based on her reviews. I contacted Mrs. Upton and was reassured that she could handle my case. I had 2 months of worry being charged with a class 1 misdemeanor traffic violation. With the Covid-19 pandemic, I was also concerned about appearing in a courtroom. Mrs. Upton was able to represent me in court and had the misdemeanor completely dropped and my related ticket dismissed! I was amazed at the results, to say the least, because it wasn’t the typical reckless driving charge. Her service was friendly, professional, and she kept me updated on my case. I highly recommend her services for any type of traffic ticket.

I got an 84/70 reckless driving ticket amended to defective equipment charge, which is non-moving and no points. She was extremely professional and kept me updated on the case.

I was pulled over in VA Hopewell county for doing 94/70 and was given an RD. I spoke with Samantha and explained everything thoroughly to me and laid out the process and what I needed to do to get in the best position for a positive outcome. I completed community service hours and ADI schooling. Samantha was also sympathetic to my cause as this is the first driving infraction I have ever had and to top it off I was days away from having a baby. She made the process easy and I was able to communicate with her office staff on any questions I had. I’m happy with my experience and would recommend her to anyone.

Samantha took my sons reckless driving case and had him extremely prepared for court. He was facing a license revocation and possibly time in detention center. Samantha made sure he did all the required tasks the court would want completed before his court date. I would HIGHLY recommend Samantha for any driving matters…

Samantha Upton represented me and did an excellent job doing so. What was supposed to be 90 in a 65 (RD) she got reduced down to a simple speeding ticket, which is almost unheard of given how strict Henrico judges can be. She was very professional, attentive to my case, and overall made me feel comfortable about the whole process of going into the court room. I would 100% recommend hiring her as your lawyer!

Samantha Upton saved me from the damage of losing my license and taking a misdemeanor charge, which could have impacted my career. She always kept me well informed of my situation every step of the way. She is extremely professional, sympathetic and devoted to her clients. I would certainly use her help again and would recommend her services to anyone!

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