Case Results


Great Results in Road Rage Accident Case
Reckless Driving

Samantha Upton negotiated a great result for a client in Chesterfield County. This was a classic case of “road rage” where the client abruptly stopped his car in the roadway, causing an accident, and after a short confrontation with the other driver, left the scene without exchanging any information as required by law. A police officer was able to locate the defendant and charged him with three misdemeanors (Hit and Run – Class 1 Misdemeanor; Reckless Driving – Class 1 Misdemeanor; Aggressive Driving – Class 2 Misdemeanor), and a traffic citation for Improper Stopping on a Highway. The client was facing jail, loss of license, and the possibility of thousands of dollars in fines.

Samantha was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the Hit and Run and Aggressive Driving Misdemeanors and the Improper Stopping on a Highway charge and the client was left with just the Reckless Driving charge with a $150 fine plus court costs. Although the client’s license was suspended for a short period of time, Samantha was able to get him a restricted license so that he could drive to and from work, his children’s school and daycare, and church.

Henrico County – Reckless Driving Reduced and Ultimately Dismissed
Reckless Driving

The driver was charged with Reckless Driving for a minor accident. Appeared on the client’s behalf. Judge reduced the initial charge to Improper Driving and allowed the client the opportunity to complete a driver improvement course to have the case Dismissed.

Sussex County – Reckless Driving 88/70 Reduced
Reckless Driving

New York driver. Appeared on the client’s behalf and the Reckless Driving charge was reduced to a simple speeding ticket.

Sussex County – 91/70 Reckless Driving Reduced
Reckless Driving

Worked with client to develop a mitigation plan in advance. Charge was reduced to Improper Driving. Avoided misdemeanor, license suspension, and client’s appearance in Court.

Hanover County – Fail to Obey Highway Sign for CDL driver with bad driving record
Fail to Obey Highway Sign

Client was a CDL Driver with multiple tickets on record, including a prior Reckless Driving conviction. He was charged with an illegal U-Turn.
Avoided client’s appearance and charge was reduced to a non-moving violation.

Emporia – 72 in a 60 mph zone
Speeding Ticket

For a New Jersey driver, ticket was reduced to Defective Equipment, a non-moving, no-points violation. Avoided client’s appearance.

Hanover County- Felony Hit & Run and DUI with elevated BAC
Felony Hit & Run

Client was looking at an active prison sentence range up to 2 years and 4 months under sentencing guidelines and a probation violation. Both cases were Nolle Prossed (dismissed through motion by the Commonwealth) after extensive negotiations with the prosecutor.

Powhatan County – Spotty Record & Not Eligible for Driving School
Speeding Ticket

Through negotiations with the prosecutor, case is reduced to Defective Equipment, a non-moving, no-points violation.

Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving

Case is dismissed upon completion of driving school and payment of court costs.

Stafford County – 65 in a 45 mph zone – CDL Driver – Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving

Was able to avoid client’s appearance and have charge dismissed with court costs.