High Speed Reckless Driving - DISMISSED

June 3, 2022 | Case Results

When a lawyer and a client work well together, sometimes great things happen.  In this case, a college student-athlete was pulled over for traveling 106 mph in a 55 mph zone.  This would typically result in a solid jail sentence, a six-month license suspension, and a hefty fine.  

Only 19 years old at the time, this young man and his family were devastated and understandably anxious about the position he was in. Ms. Upton worked with the client and his family to design and implement a tailored mitigation plan as they prepared for his case.  Several court appearances later, the Judge agreed to outright dismiss the case against this young man. The client steered clear of jail, kept his license, paid no fines or court costs, avoided the criminal conviction, and even avoided any points on his Virginia driving record. We are so happy Upton Law had the opportunity to get to know this young man, help him navigate this challenge, and work with him to get to this unusual & fantastic outcome.