Consequences of Driving With a Suspended License

August 6, 2021 | General

Having your license suspended is a major inconvenience, but that doesn’t mean you should risk driving after receiving a suspension. Driving on a suspended license can carry severe penalties in Virginia, including having your suspension extended, losing your driving privileges entirely, fines, and even jail time.

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Types of Driver’s License Suspensions

You can have your Virginia driver’s license suspended for many reasons, ranging from a conviction for certain traffic offenses and failing to pay the required reinstatement fee to fail to pay child support or avoiding payment of certain civil court judgments.

There are two different kinds of driver’s license suspensions in Virginia. They are:

  • Suspension – A suspension is the temporary loss of your driving privileges. This can happen if you accumulate too many demerit points within a certain time, if you’re found guilty of certain traffic offenses, or for a handful of other reasons. The key thing to remember about a driver’s license suspension is that it’s temporary, even if you may lose your driving privileges for several months or longer.
  • Revocation – If your driver’s license is revoked, that means you’ve completely lost your driving privileges. While you may eventually be allowed to apply for and receive a new driver’s license, it will likely be some time before you’re allowed to do so. Driver’s license revocations are generally reserved for people who’ve committed serious violations, such as driving while impaired.

Consequences of Driving with a Suspended License in Virginia

For whatever reason, some drivers choose to tempt fate by driving even while their license is suspended. At a minimum, driving on a suspended license is a Class 1 misdemeanor. It is potentially punishable by up to $2,500 in fines and one year in jail. If you’re a repeat offender, you could potentially face additional criminal penalties.

What Happens After a Conviction for Driving While Suspended?

The penalties for a conviction after driving with a suspended license depend on many factors. At a minimum, the length of your suspension will increase. If you were driving on a suspended license while committing another traffic violation, you might face additional penalties, including the possible revocation of your driving privileges.

Reinstating a Driver’s License after Suspension

To reinstate your driver’s license after a suspension, you’ll first need to comply with all the terms of your suspension. This means not driving with a suspended license, no matter how tempting it may seem or how difficult it appears.

You’ll also have to pay a reinstatement fee, and you may also have to take a state-approved driver improvement course or re-take the written and behind-the-wheel DMV exams.  Depending on the reason for your suspension, you may need to pay an uninsured motorist fee, provide proof of SR-22 insurance, or complete an ASAP program or intervention interview.  Only after you meet all these requirements can you have your driving privileges restored.

How to Avoid License Suspensions

Here are a few tips to avoid a driver’s license suspension:

  • Never drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Always follow speed limits and other rules of the road.
  • Look carefully when merging, changing lanes, etc.
  • Watch out for other vehicles on the road, especially smaller vehicles like motorcycles or bicycles.
  • If your license is suspended, avoid further suspensions by getting someone else to drive you or finding other transportation options to get where you need to go.

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